About our company

We have established our company to offer only the best natural and cloudy apple juices as well as juices from other fruits.


Our pure and cloudy fruit juices are healthy and delicious
We use only natural ingredients!


Try out our hand picked apples and other fruits and feel the richness of taste and colour which are as natural as the fruits growing on trees.

All the fruits used for manufacturing our 100% natural and organic apple juices are collected from the finest and most sunbathed orchards throughout the European Union.

Our apples are collected and immediately pressed - this ensures that we make our best for the client to offer him the most fresh, natural and healthy juice drinks he/she can find on the market.


We only use natural juice manufacturing techniques


We collect fruits, wash them thoroughly and then sort them using our own hands. The subsequent slicing and pressing extract the best of our fruits. Filtration and low temperature pasteurisation make sure that all the vitamins and great taste remain within the juice. This also allow us to get rid of all sorts of additives and sugar.

Fruit juice producers UK manufacture only the best and most fresh fruit juice available for wholesale for all suppliers within the whole UK.