Sale of Polish apples - Wholesale manufacturer

We offer you apple wholesale of Polish apples which grow and ripen in Polish orchards without the use of any harmful pesticides, which allows them to grow naturally. Fvourable weather as well as soil conditions allow us to collect even up to several hundred tonnes of apples – therefore we can satisfy the needs of each client.

Highest quality apples directly from the producer
Ideal for jams, preserves, or juices

We supply apples in wholesale quantities from the producer who offers several types of European types of apples. A lot of apples offered here were destined to be exported to Russia. The fruits on our stock are perfect for processing – as a vital element of jams, natural cloudy apple juices, or preserves. The apples are also perfect in their natural form – they are fresh, characterised by the best quality and the finest taste.


All fruits undergo a careful selection process

Apple juices which are available in our offer are preared using only the fully natural 100% juice – with a cloudy sediment on the bottom, which means that our products are natural and healthy.